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Dattilio Medical Mission Team members - Brian Dubie

Brian Dubie


Brian E. Dubie and his wife, Penny Bolio Dubie, live in Fairfield, Vermont, and they have four adult children. Brian attended the US Air Force Academy and, in 1982, graduated from the University of Vermont with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.
After college, Brian joined the VT Air National Guard and became an F-4 and then an F-16 pilot, logging over 2,500 hours as a fighter pilot. Before transferring to the Air Force Reserve, he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and was a Commander in the Vermont Air Guard. Brian responded to several national emergencies, including 9/11, in his role at the National Security Emergency Preparedness Agency. He retired as a Colonel in the Air Force Reserve in 2012.
In the civilian world, Brian was employed by Goodrich Aerospace as a mechanical engineer and project manager before being hired by American Airlines as an airline pilot. Brian retired from American Airlines in 2021. For over 30 years, he flew over 20,000 hours, most of that time as Captain of the MD-88 and B-737. Brian still serves as a Business Development Representative for Liquid Measurement Systems.

Brian also served in elected office, first as Chair of the Essex Junction School Board and then as Vermont’s 85th Lieutenant Governor from 2003 to 2011. In 2010 Brian was the GOP’s candidate for Governor for the State of Vermont and came within 5,000 votes of being elected Governor.
In the past, Brian also served on the Board of Directors for Vermont Systems, the Board of Advisors of Superior Technical Ceramic, and is currently on the Board of Directors of Dattilio Medical Mission.

Dattilio Medical Mission Team members - Mike Dubie

Mike Dubie


Michael D. Dubie is a career F-16 pilot in the Vermont Air National Guard and also served as Vermont’s 24th Adjutant General from 2006-2012. He finished his military career in 2015 as a US Air Force three-star general and Deputy Commander of US Northern Command in Colorado. Mike earned a BA in Economics from the University of Vermont (UVM) and an MA in International Relations from Norwich University. He also was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws from UVM and an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from St. Michael’s College. Other awards included Vermonter of the Year in 2011, and in 2015 the Governor General of Canada, on behalf of Queen Elizabeth, awarded Mike the Meritorious Service Medal. Mike lives in Vermont with his wife, Amy, does some consulting, and serves on several volunteer boards.

Dattilio Medical Mission Team members - Jonathan Farnham

Jonathan Farnham


Brigadier General (Ret) Jonathan E. Farnham “Jon” retired from the Vermont National Guard in March of 2011 after 34 years of uniformed and civilian service. Jon grew up in Vermont and attended Rice Memorial High School and the University of Vermont. Jon served at every command level and concluded his military service as the Director of the Afghan Development Assistance Bureau, overseeing and evaluating Afghan Army and Police development challenges. After leaving military service, Jon served in senior leadership and business development positions in the aerospace industry for Liquid Measurement Systems in Georgia, Vermont, which develops fuel management systems for military, commercial, unmanned, and IR&D programs. Jon has visited North Macedonia 8 times on military-to-civilian exchanges, military exercises, business leaders, and business-to-business exchanges in support of the Partnership for Peace Program, now known as the State Partnership Program. Jon is an avid traveler for both business and pleasure. He is an avid hunting and fishing enthusiast and skier and resides in Burlington, Vermont.