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Frequently Asked Questions

All donations are appreciated because they enable us to be able to ship the medical supplies donated from hospitals.

100% to the shipping cost.

In the past, a CT scan machine shipped by Michael Dubie and the Vermont National Guard saved an 11-year-old boy's life within three months of being shipped to the hospital. DMM's shipments will save lives all over the world by delivering hospitals the life=saving supplies they so badly need.

We can provide you with the receipt! All you have to do is ask.

As many as you'd like! We always provide a receipt for you to print upon donating so you can keep track of your donations.

If we are holding multiple campaigns for multiple hospitals you can absolutely choose which hospital/country you'd like to donate to.

When donating, you will be given the option to make a login account.  You can track your donations and print your respective receipts if you make an account.

You can mail a check to our mailing address; otherwise, all payments must be made via debit, credit card, or Paypal account.

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Your donations contribute to an amazing cause! Dattilio Medical Mission collects medical equipment from local hospitals and then ships them worldwide to hospitals desperately needing our advanced machines and technology.